My story

Hi! I’m Naira.

I’m a cross cultural communicator with more that 5 years of experience in the non-profit field. After living in Colombia, the United States, France, Egypt, and the United Kingdom, I decided to settle in Spain. Now, I help organizations like yours communicate their impact in ways that create strong communities and inspire donors. 

Communicating ideas is not easy, especially when you have different audiences and goals. Communication can even be overwhelming, slow, or even boring for some, but I love it! I enjoy understanding complex topics and finding ways of showing them to the world. 

I have worked mainly with environmental organizations, communicating the importance of protecting key ecosystems and reducing deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. I have worked in rural areas across Latin America, and have used innovative tools like WhatsApp, podcasts, memes, videos, and social media to reach donors, project beneficiaries, and supporters.

Now, I am here to help you take your message further. I know how to create communication strategies and fundraising material that will position you as a leader in your field. By showing your  impact, your results, and your actions, people will believe in your work. My mission is helping you achieve this.    

If you are a non-profit, a foundation, or a social enterprise, and you want to create impact with your words, this is the place for you!

Email me at so I can get to know you better.




One word can change the entire meaning of a paragraph. My mission is to create high-quality content that reflects the personality and objectives of my clients.


With my words I want to motivate people to become agents of change. This way, the global community of people that are passionate to change the world will grow.


If knowledge is not shared, it disappears. I believe in discussing, debating and sharing ideas, so we can all benefit.