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If you want to know about digital communication for social good you’re in the right place!

i know how you feel

I’ve been there, confused about digital communication, not knowing how to share environmental concepts in simple ways that inform and spark action.

Maybe you’re thinking: no one cares about the environment, but that’s false. People do care! But they need to know what to do with the information they see. Together, we can show people why they should act, donate, and protect environmental projects like yours.

Social media audits

Imagine this. 

Your social media channels are full of people that want to volunteer and donate to your organization. They interact with your content, ask questions, and are amazed by the environmental impact they can have. 

This could be you after a social media audit. 

I know what works in environmental communication. I help environmental projects decide what social media platforms are best for them, how to use them for social good (not for getting likes), and how to reach new audiences. 

what you’ll get

  • Complete confidence in your social media strategies 
  • Clarity on what works and doesn’t for your organization 
  • Clarity on the different ways social media can be used to attract supporters and donors 
  • Ideas/tips to interact better with followers 
  • A detailed analysis of existing and desired audiences, areas for improvement, successful strategies and personalized examples on how to implement them


strategic communications workplan

Let’s make digital communication easy! 

Are you stuck with your digital communications? Do you feel overwhelmed by social media trends? In these personalized sessions, we’ll solve your most important communication problems and create a 90-day plan that will leave you stress-free and ready to amaze new audiences

You’ll gain:

  • Complete confidence in your digital communication strategies
  • Structures, templates, and steps on how to implement a digital communication strategy for social good
  • Clarity on what types of digital communication work best for your goals (newsletters, website, social media)
  • Less stress when implementing future communication plans
  • Ability to share your stories confidently with your community so they feel the desire to support your actions

wHAT it includes

  • Initial 30-minute call to define your needs 
  • Four 1-hour personalized strategy calls
  • 90-day work plan with actionable steps
  • Final 30-minute call a few weeks after to solve remaining questions
  • A file on google drive with conclusions, actionable steps, and additional resources

What others think

I found my sessions with Naira extremely helpful and interesting. Her explanations on how to engage with multicultural audiences and how to be more strategic in the communication with them were very clear. She gave me key tips and steps to ensure an effective communication with the different actors of my projects in Latin America.

Angela Estrada. International Development Analyst, Satellite Applications Catapult.

I’m ready when you are! Let’s show people the value of nature.

Thanks for stopping by! Now I want to hear from you! What is your story?

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